Top 20 HubSpot Apps and Integrations in 2024

Top 20 HubSpot Apps and Integrations in 2024

HubSpot is powerful software crucial in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. But what makes HubSpot the most popular software among businesses? Its exceptional contribution to data collection from the existing business system. 

However, to make it work, you must integrate your existing apps with HubSpot. HubSpot is here to solve all your business issues and is integrated with all your business’s required tools.  

Since many applications can be integrated with HubSpot, each doesn’t need to be perfect for you. To help you choose from the wide array of applications that can be integrated with HubSpot, I have provided a list of the top 20 HubSpot apps and integrations that will be most beneficial for you. If you’re not already using these tools, it might be time to consider how they can fit into your strategy.

What is HubSpot Integration?

HubSpot is a CRM platform designed to support sales and marketing teams. However, it doesn’t cover every aspect of the CRM process. Instead, HubSpot enhances its capabilities by integrating with other specialized services. For instance, instead of creating its video conferencing tool, HubSpot integrates with Zoom to offer this functionality.

The Benefits of HubSpot Integrations for Businesses

HubSpot integrations streamline your business operations by connecting seamlessly with tools you already use. Below, we will explore some of the benefits of integrations of HubSpot:

  • Boost Productivity: You can connect with tools you already use, making your workflow more efficient.
  • Simplify Operations: Simplifies processes by bringing various functionalities under one roof.
  • Reduce Administrative Work: Minimizes the need for manual data entry and management, saving time.
  • Maximize CRM Value: This enhancement enhances the capabilities of your existing HubSpot CRM, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Wide Range of Options: Its app marketplace offers over 400 integrations, providing solutions for various business needs.

The Top 20 HubSpot Apps and Integrations in 2024

I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 HubSpot apps and integrations for 2024 to make your tool search easier. This list spans sales, website enhancements, advertising, social media scheduling, reporting, communication, event management, eCommerce, operations, finance, and customer service needs. Each category aims to help you find the best integrations to enhance your business processes with HubSpot.

I. Sales Integration Apps

1. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a tool that simplifies creating, tracking, and signing documents like proposals and contracts. By integrating with HubSpot Sales, it allows you to:

  • Easily build proposals and quotes using HubSpot data.
  • Send and track documents directly from HubSpot, monitoring their progress.
  • Sign contracts within HubSpot, streamlining the approval process.
  • Gain insights into how prospects interact with your documents, helping refine your approach and close deals more effectively.

Businesses can save time by automating document creation and tracking. This can enhance professionalism and conversion chances with sleek, timely proposals and provide valuable insights into prospect engagement for better follow-up strategies.

2. Zendesk Sell


Zendesk Sell is a CRM software focused on improving sales team performance by offering enhanced pipeline visibility, lead sourcing, and internal collaboration. With its integration into HubSpot, Zendesk Sell:

  • Automates lead sourcing from HubSpot, making targeted leads more likely to convert.
  • Track the most effective lead sources, helping to focus efforts and prove ROI.
  • Ensures seamless data exchange between Zendesk and HubSpot, keeping customer data for targeted marketing campaigns current.

Better lead management and visibility can improve sales team efficiency. A unified platform for communication and scheduling can also enhance collaboration within teams. It streamlines the lead conversion process with automated data exchange and targeted actions.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for using LinkedIn for lead generation and prospecting. Its integration with HubSpot CRM:

  • Allows sending InMail messages directly from HubSpot, making outreach more efficient.
  • Shows mutual connections for easier introductions to high-value leads.
  • Provides a detailed overview of a contact’s LinkedIn network and experience within HubSpot.

It helps businesses streamline LinkedIn lead generation and outreach directly from HubSpot and enhance lead qualification with access to LinkedIn insights and mutual connections. This integration also offers scalable prospecting strategies by tapping into LinkedIn’s vast network of professionals.

II. Marketing Integration Apps

4. Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey is the leading online survey platform, enabling you to collect feedback from customers and prospects. This tool helps you make informed decisions by providing real-time insights. Integration Benefits with HubSpot:

  • Automatically sync survey responses with HubSpot, updating contact lists or creating new contacts as needed.
  • Use survey data to segment email lists and trigger automated workflows, boosting customer engagement.

5. Metadata


Metadata is a platform for account-based marketing, helping you identify and engage with prospects most likely to convert. Here is how this integration is beneficial for your business:

  • Define your ideal customer profile and pinpoint target contacts within HubSpot.
  • Deliver personalized ads at scale across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, enhancing your marketing reach.
  • Use AI for multivariate ad testing, direct inbound leads to HubSpot, and optimize ad spend based on the most effective ad combinations.

6. Canva


Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that has changed how businesses create visual content. From social media graphics to detailed reports, Canva makes design accessible to everyone. Canva integration with HubSpot can help you:

  • It helps you design and directly publish engaging visual content for your HubSpot marketing campaigns.
  • Access and utilize HubSpot data within Canva to create personalized and targeted marketing materials.
  • Streamline content creation with templates and design elements that align with your brand, saving time and resources.

III. Website Integration Apps

7. WordPress


Integrating HubSpot with your WordPress website directly brings HubSpot’s powerful tools, such as forms, live chat, email automation, and analytics, to your site. This integration transforms your website into a more dynamic and interactive platform that effectively engages visitors.

It helps you to add: 

  • Easily add HubSpot forms to gather visitor information.
  • Engage visitors in real-time with live chat.
  • Automate email responses to nurture leads.
  • Gain insights into website performance with built-in analytics.

8. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Linking Google Search Console with HubSpot provides deeper insights into your website’s visibility on Google search. Understand how often your site appears in search results and how users interact with it, helping you refine your SEO strategies. This integration is beneficial for businesses as it helps them to:

  • Discover how your content ranks in Google searches.
  • Learn which queries bring visitors to your site.
  • Optimize your content based on search performance data.

9. Hotjar


By integrating Hotjar with HubSpot’s CMS, you gain access to tools like heatmaps and click-tracking. This allows you to monitor how visitors interact with your website visually, identifying high-performing pages and areas for improvement. This integration can 

  • Track site traffic and user behavior with heatmaps.
  • Understand which elements attract the most clicks.
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve page conversion rates.

IV. Communication Integration Apps

10. Slack


Slack is a tool designed for instant messaging and collaboration within teams. Integrating Slack with HubSpot brings your tasks, notifications, and tickets into Slack channels. This integration means less time spent switching between apps and more time focusing on productive work. Your benefit from the business can include:

  • Receive HubSpot tasks and notifications directly in Slack.
  • Access tickets within Slack, streamlining customer support.

11. Mailchimp


Mailchimp’s integration with HubSpot allows for a seamless connection between your Mailchimp audience and HubSpot contacts. This eliminates manual data entry, ensuring your marketing efforts are more efficient and aligned. This integration helps your business to: 

  • Real-time, two-way sync between Mailchimp and HubSpot.
  • Custom field mapping is needed to ensure consistent information across both platforms.

12. Intercom


Intercom, a customer communication platform, integrates with HubSpot to enhance your customer support and lead capture processes. This integration enables real-time chats with website visitors, making providing support and converting leads through personalized conversations easier. It benefits your business as it: 

  • Offer real-time customer support via chat.
  • Capture and nurture leads with personalized interactions.

V. E-Commerce Integrations

13. WooCommerce


Integrate WooCommerce with HubSpot to automatically update user, order, and product data in real time. This integration helps you track abandoned carts, allowing you to send targeted emails with the products customers showed interest in. It also segments your users into active lists for personalized marketing, all visible in the comprehensive eCommerce reporting dashboard on HubSpot.You can benefit from this integration:

  • Syncs WooCommerce data with HubSpot automatically.
  • Tracks abandoned carts for targeted follow-up.
  • Segments users for personalized marketing efforts.

14. Shopify


Connecting your Shopify store with HubSpot enables you to analyze store data seamlessly. You can automatically sync contacts, products, and orders to HubSpot and use this data to segment your contacts. This makes running automated eCommerce campaigns more effective, helping you reach the right customers with the right messages. This helps your business integrate:

  • Automatically updates Shopify data in HubSpot.
  • Segments contacts for targeted eCommerce campaigns.

15. Stripe


Adding Stripe checkout to your website and integrating it with HubSpot lets you choose which data to sync across platforms. Custom field mapping ensures that only the relevant data is shared, making your payment processes and data management more efficient. You can integrate this:

  • Stripe checkout is added to your site for easy payments.
  • Syncs selected data between Stripe and HubSpot through custom mapping.

VI. Lead Generation Integration

16. Typeform


Typeform enhances lead generation with engaging forms and surveys. When you integrate it with HubSpot, the insights and contact details gathered from Typeform responses automatically populate your HubSpot CRM. 

  • Captures leads through interactive forms and surveys.
  • Automatically updates HubSpot CRM with new lead information.

17. Drift


Drift revolutionizes lead generation with chatbots and live chat, making real-time visitor engagement possible. Integrating Drift with HubSpot means every conversation can turn into a lead, directly updating your HubSpot CRM with new contact details and interactions. This integration helps to:

  • Engages visitors instantly with chatbots and live chat.
  • Converts conversations into leads directly in HubSpot CRM.

VII. Operations

18. Trello


Integrate Trello with HubSpot to connect your workflows directly with project management. 

  • This integration automatically creates Trello cards from HubSpot workflows and fills them with the necessary information. 
  • Perfect for keeping projects on track and enhancing team collaboration. 
  • It helps automate the creation of Trello cards from HubSpot and keeps projects organized and teams aligned.


Monday’s integration with HubSpot is designed to enhance your operations, bridging the gap between front-line and back-office teams. By syncing contacts and activities, 

  • Ensures your production team stays connected with sales, marketing, and other departments, making each team member feel valued and integral to the company’s operations.
  • It helps to synchronize contacts and activities between and HubSpot, streamlining communication and processes across teams and enhancing the overall efficiency of your work. 

20. Accelo


Accelo’s integration with HubSpot allows for seamless management of projects, clients, and communications. 

  • Share contact and company details between systems and track tasks and activities in both, automating your business operations and customer interactions.
  • This helps to share contact and company information between Accelo and HubSpot and track tasks and activities across both platforms.

​​Choosing the right HubSpot apps and integrations can significantly enhance your CRM’s functionality, streamlining your sales, marketing, and operational processes. Explore these top picks to find the perfect additions to your HubSpot setup to boost productivity, simplify operations, and achieve better results with advanced HubSot marketing automation methods.

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Jigar Thakker

Jigar Thakker is a HubSpot Certified Expert and CBO at INSIDEA. With over 7 years of expertise in digital marketing and automation, Jigar specializes in optimizing RevOps strategies, helping businesses unlock their full potential. A HubSpot Community Champion, he is proficient in all HubSpot solutions, including Sales, Marketing, Service, CMS, and Operations Hubs. Jigar is dedicated to transforming your RevOps into a revenue-generating powerhouse, leveraging HubSpot's unique capabilities to boost sales and marketing conversions.

Jigar Thakker is a HubSpot Certified Expert and CBO at INSIDEA. With over 7 years of expertise in digital marketing and automation, Jigar specializes in optimizing RevOps strategies, helping businesses unlock their full potential. A HubSpot Community Champion, he is proficient in all HubSpot solutions, including Sales, Marketing, Service, CMS, and Operations Hubs. Jigar is dedicated to transforming your RevOps into a revenue-generating powerhouse, leveraging HubSpot’s unique capabilities to boost sales and marketing conversions.