Our Outsource PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management Services Include



Relevant and targeted campaigns that guarantee high visibility, immediate traffic, and impressive conversion rates.

Display Advertising

Boost your visibility, build recognition of your brand, and reach your desired audience with cost-effective display campaigns.


Re-engaging the prospects, help you spend your ad budget in the most profitable way.

Social Media Advertising

Reaching the audience by developing innovative social strategies to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Helping you gain media channels by negotiating contracts and managing your campaigns.

Bid Optimisation & Management

Smart selection of keywords, continuous tracking of ad performance, and effective optimization of bids.


Broader exposure, experience higher click through rate (CTR), and generate more sales effectively.

Customized to your needs

Industries we support

We’re here to help you succeed with our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management. Whether you work in EdTech, E-commerce, HealthTech, SaaS, or FinTech, your business revolves around your customers, and it’s important that you reach top ranks when users search for your services/products. Here are some of the industries we serve!

Travel & Hospitality
SAAS & Tech
Health & Wellness

About Outsource PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management Service

Our outsource PPC management service is the perfect solution for businesses looking to generate more leads or conversions from their online campaigns. With our certified PPC experts, you can rest assured that your campaigns are optimized with the goal of maximizing ROI and performance. Through comprehensive keyword research and detailed competitor analysis, we can create an effective PPC strategy that will keep you ahead of the competition and increase ROI. With INSIDEA you can trust that your campaigns are in the best hands and that you will achieve the highest possible results.

Our Process For Quality PPC Management Services

We understand the importance of valuable PPC strategies that understands your target audience and drives conversions. That’s why we’ve developed a standardized process to ensure all of our performance marketing services are of the highest quality. Here’s what you can expect!

Initial Consultation

We start by having an initial consultation to get to know our clients and understand their business goals.

Detailed Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your business objectives to determine the best way to maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

Customize Keyword Research

We develop customized keyword research strategies to ensure that your campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze your competitors’ strategies to ensure that your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Ads Copywriting & Testing

We write and test ads to ensure that your campaigns are targeted and effective.

Campaign Setup & Optimization

We create and optimize your campaigns to ensure maximum performance.

Budget Management

We monitor and manage your budget to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting

We track and report on performance so you can make informed decisions about your campaigns.

Robust Data Security Protocols

We audit and troubleshoot your campaigns to ensure that they are performing up to their potential.

FAQs On Outsourcing PPC Management Services

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a digital marketing technique that allows businesses to display ads on search engines, websites, and social media platforms. It allows them to target potential customers who are already looking for a product or service like theirs. The business pays for each click the ad receives, which is why it is called pay-per-click advertising. It is a great way to get your business in front of the right audience and drive more leads and sales.
The different types of PPC Ads include Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and Remarketing Ads. Search Ads are text-based ads that appear on search engine results pages when a user searches for certain keywords. Display Ads are banner or image ads that are placed on websites and blogs. Shopping Ads are product ads that appear on shopping search engines like Google Shopping. Video Ads are video clips that are displayed on video sharing sites. Lastly, Remarketing Ads are ads that are shown to customers who have previously visited your website. Each type of PPC Ad has its own unique benefits and capabilities, so it is important to determine which PPC Ad type is best for your business.You can read more about it from the blog: Best PPC Ads That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth
PPC mistakes to avoid include targeting too broad of an audience, bidding too high, not setting up conversion tracking, not taking advantage of negative keywords, not testing different ad copy, not using all available ad extensions, not testing different landing pages, not monitoring and adjusting bids, and not taking advantage of automated rules.
The top strategies for successful PPC campaigns include keyword research, bid management, audience targeting, and testing. Utilizing these strategies can help you create campaigns that are tailored to your specific goals and reach your desired audience. With careful planning and execution, PPC marketing can provide an excellent return on investment.Visit our blog on Top PPC Marketing Strategies You Must Know more in detail. 
The 4 Cs of PPC are Cost, Click-through-Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate and Quality Score. Cost refers to how much you are paying for every click. CTR is the percentage of people that click on your ad. Conversion rate is the proportion of visitors that click on your ad and actually make a purchase. Quality score is a measure of how relevant and user-friendly your ad is compared to other ads. You can read more about this from the blog: The 4 Cs of PPC You Must Know About
Optimizing your PPC campaign helps in scaling your business by allowing you to reach more people with better targeting, zeroing in on the most effective keywords and ads, and maximizing your budget. This helps you to increase your visibility, reach more potential customers, and ultimately grow your business. Additionally, it can help you to measure your results more accurately and make more informed decisions about your campaigns. You can read more about this from the blog: Ultimate PPC Guide you ever will need 
The best practices for optimizing PPC campaigns involve setting a realistic budget, researching and choosing the right keywords, writing compelling ad copy, continuously testing and measuring results, and being patient when waiting for results. Additionally, adjusting bids, monitoring competitors, and segmenting campaigns can all help to ensure that PPC campaigns are running optimally. You can read more about this from the blog: How Does PPC Work?
Some key strategies to use include researching and selecting the right platform for your ads, understanding your target audience and creating content that resonates with them, testing different ad variations to see which ones perform best, and regularly measuring and optimizing your campaigns. Additionally, you should focus on improving your website’s landing page experience, utilizing retargeting campaigns, and leveraging automation to maximize the efficiency of your ad campaigns. Following these best practices should help you achieve a 10x return on your ad spend. You can read more about this from the blog: PPC Strategies for will 10x Your ROAS
At our company, we offer comprehensive ad optimization services. Our team will help you maximize traffic from your ads by optimizing your landing page and ads, tracking performance daily and managing it accordingly. We analyze which keywords are best for your business and use trial and error methods to identify the right keywords that bring in results. It may take about a month to properly optimize ads as we cannot initially know which keywords are performing well. We also consider competitors who are using similar ad groups and keywords. Our optimization will ensure your ads appear at the top of search results, ahead of competitors. We provide the best text, picture and video ads designed to meet your business needs, increasing traffic to your site and helping you procure relevant customers.
PPC services are expensive as they require extensive research and knowledge to design, launch, and manage campaigns. They are costly because they require the expertise of a dedicated PPC professional to ensure that campaigns are optimized and deliver positive ROI. Despite the cost, PPC services can be hugely beneficial in terms of increased brand visibility, improved website traffic, and higher conversion rates.Thus INSIDEA helps you hire the right professional PPC expert.