10 Best Tips To Achieve LinkedIn Top Voice Badge in 2024

10 Best Tips To Achieve LinkedIn Top Voice Badge in 2024

Have you ever considered LinkedIn a goldmine for influential discussions and valuable connections? Beyond just a space for your online resume, LinkedIn has transformed into a platform where your content can shine, potentially earning you the prestigious ‘Top Voice’ badge. 

I managed to earn the ‘Top Voice’ badge recently. It’s a real pat on the back from LinkedIn, acknowledging the splash we’re making with our posts and discussions. I’m really keen to let you in on how I got that badge on my profile.

If you’re looking to build a memorable personal brand or attract leads directly to your door, these badges can be revolutionizing your business. They’re more than simply flashy digital trinkets; they’re a strong acknowledgment of your authority.

With this badge, I’m now among the elite voices on LinkedIn, which is pretty awesome, right

This badge isn’t just for show; it’s a nod from LinkedIn, recognizing individuals who have made a substantial impact through their discussions and content. Whether it’s the LinkedIn Top Voices or the Community Top Voices program, there’s a path for you to shine and showcase your expertise.

Whether you’re looking to leverage your business, build trust with your audience, or validate your expertise, understanding LinkedIn’s Top Voices is crucial. In this blog, I will take you through the world of LinkedIn Top Voices and you will learn how to earn these accolades to enhance your professional standing and network.

What is a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge?

LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voice’ program is a hallmark of professional recognition, distinguishing the platform’s most influential contributors and guiding members towards high-quality, valuable content. This initiative isn’t just about showing off a shiny badge; it’s LinkedIn’s way of shining a spotlight on those who are shaping conversations, sharing profound insights, and driving change within their industries.

Now, what exactly does it take to earn this prestigious acknowledgment? LinkedIn’s Top Voices program is divided into two categories:

  • The Top Voice badge 
  • The Community Top Voice badge 

The Top Voice badge, adorned in blue, is particularly special, as it is an invitation-only accolade reserved for senior-level experts and leaders who have truly set themselves apart in their field. 

On the other hand, the Community Top Voice badge is more accessible yet equally impressive, recognizing active, engaged members who consistently contribute valuable content to the platform.

Think about the impact of this validation. In a world cluttered with information and varying levels of expertise, whom would you trust more? A self-proclaimed marketing expert with a decent follower count, or someone with the same following but also has LinkedIn’s stamp of approval, confirming them as a “Top Voice” in marketing? The answer is pretty straightforward. 

This badge adds a layer of credibility and legitimacy, which are crucial in building faster connections, securing more business, and gaining recognition within the community.

Like the verified badges you see on Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn’s Top Voice badge plays a significant role in establishing your professional legitimacy. However, it goes a step further by highlighting not just your presence but also your expertise and contribution to your field.

It’s not about being verified; it’s about being recognized for your professional skills, expertise, and invaluable contributions to the LinkedIn community. So, in essence, being a LinkedIn Top Voice is about making your mark, sharing your knowledge, and being acknowledged for the value you bring to the professional world.

The Benefits of Earning a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge

The Benefits of Earning a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge

Cultivating a strong professional presence on LinkedIn can yield remarkable benefits, and obtaining a LinkedIn Top Voice badge is a testament to your influence and expertise on the platform. So, why should you aim for this prestigious badge? Below is a curated list of compelling reasons, dissected to help you understand the significant advantages of this accolade.

  • Elevated Recognition

Being awarded the Top Voice badge sets you apart in the crowded digital landscape, marking you as a trusted expert in your field. This distinction is not just a feather in your cap; it’s a powerful tool that opens doors, inviting new opportunities and partnerships your way.

  • Boosted Credibility

The badge is a stamp of approval from LinkedIn, a platform revered for its professional networking capabilities. It validates your contributions and showcases your commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and community-building, bolstering your professional credibility.

  • Enhanced Visibility

Sporting the Top Voice badge on your profile significantly amplifies your visibility within the LinkedIn ecosystem. Your content and insights gain a broader audience, attracting attention from potential clients, collaborators, and employers actively seeking experts with your specific skill set. Plus, your contributions are indexed by Google, further extending your reach and influence.

  • Personal and Professional Development

The journey to earning the Top Voice badge is a catalyst for growth. It encourages you to consistently deliver top-tier content, engage meaningfully with your network, and stay abreast of industry trends and discussions. This ongoing learning and interaction contribute positively to your personal development and professional trajectory.

  • Maximized Networking and Job Opportunities

Having the Top Voice badge prominently displayed on your profile sends a clear message: you are a leader in your domain. This not only aids in job searches and career advancements but also makes you a magnet for meaningful networking opportunities.

  • Express Gratitude and Leverage Your Status

Once you’ve secured the badge, take a moment to express your gratitude publicly and add it to your LinkedIn headline. This not only acknowledges the recognition but also ensures that your network and potential connections are aware of your Top Voice status. Remember, though, that the badge is not permanent; it’s vital to remain consistently active and relevant on the platform to retain your Top Voice status beyond the initial 60 days.

By understanding and leveraging the manifold benefits of the LinkedIn Top Voice badge, you position yourself for success, visibility, and a flourishing professional journey.

How Can You Earn a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge?

How Can You Earn a LinkedIn Top Voice Badge

LinkedIn’s Top Voice badge is a prestigious recognition given to individuals who significantly contribute and stand out in their respective fields on the platform. Below is a comprehensive list of actionable steps to help you navigate the path toward earning your LinkedIn Top Voice badge, ensuring your professional voice is not just heard but also valued and recognized within the LinkedIn community.

  • Build Your Personal Brand and Following

Focus on establishing your presence on LinkedIn by sharing high-quality content relevant to your field.Utilize resources and articles that delve into personal brand building and LinkedIn growth strategies.

  • Define Your Target Audience

Identify the group of professionals you intend to communicate with.Understand the specific problems they face and how your skills and experience can provide solutions.

  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Ensure your profile is fully completed and accurately reflects your professional background.  Switch to Creator Mode to unlock additional features that enhance your visibility. Use a professional photo, write a captivating headline, and create a unique cover photo with a clear call to action.

  • Consistently Produce High-Quality Content

Share insightful posts, experiences, and lessons learned throughout your career. Experiment with different content formats, such as photos, videos, and PDF carousels, to discover what resonates best with your audience.

  • Engage Actively with the LinkedIn Community

Don’t just post content; interact with comments on your posts and engage with other users’ content. Provide thoughtful and helpful responses to foster community and attract more followers to your profile.

  • Maintain Regular Posting Frequency

Stay active on LinkedIn by consistently sharing valuable content. Utilize tools like Metricool to schedule your posts and maintain a steady presence on the platform.

  • Share Valuable and Engaging Content

Focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each post adds value to your audience. Encourage user interaction by including calls to action in your posts.

  • Build and Nurture Your Professional Network

Connect and interact with a network of professionals who can vouch for your expertise and content. Don’t hesitate to reach out to new connections and engage with their content to expand your network.

  • Aim for Both Top Voice Badges

Understand the distinction between the invitation-only Top Voice badge and the Community Top Voice badge. Strive to excel in both categories to increase your chances of being recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice.

  • Stay Informed and Adapt

Keep yourself updated on any changes to LinkedIn’s Top Voice program and adjust your strategies accordingly. Show genuine dedication to your field and the LinkedIn community to enhance your prospects of earning a Top Voice badge.

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase your likelihood of gaining visibility, establishing credibility, and potentially earning a LinkedIn Top Voice badge. Remember, this journey requires patience, consistency, and authentic engagement with your professional community.

What is the LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge?

The LinkedIn Community TopVoice badge is a unique accolade awarded to users who significantly contribute to collaborative articles on the platform. Introduced in 2023 alongside LinkedIn’s collaborative articles feature, this badge is a mark of distinction highlighting your expertise and engagement within your professional community. Let’s delve deeper into this badge and how you can earn it.It recognizes users for their exceptional contributions to collaborative articles in specific areas of expertise. Unlike the Top Voices badge, obtaining this accolade does not heavily rely on seniority or industry leadership, making it accessible to a wider range of professionals. The badge is awarded by LinkedIn’s team after a thorough vetting process, ensuring that only truly noteworthy contributions are recognized.

How to Earn the LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge?

How to Earn the LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge

Earning the Community Top Voice badge involves a straightforward yet committed process. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way to achieving this professional milestone:

  • Achieve All-Star Status

Before moving on your journey to earn the Community Top Voice badge, ensure your LinkedIn profile has achieved All-Star status. Your profile is complete and well-optimized, increasing your visibility and credibility on the platform.

  • Add Relevant Skills

Identify and add the skills related to the category in which you wish to earn the badge. This aligns your profile with the specific area of expertise associated with the Community Top Voice badge.

  • Engage with Collaborative Articles

Visit LinkedIn’s collaborative articles section and start engaging with the content. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences in the comments, ensuring your contributions are valuable and insightful.

  1. To find articles in your niche, use the ‘More to Explore’’ section on the right-hand side of the collaborative articles page.
  2. Choose articles relevant to your expertise and start contributing by clicking ‘Start a contribution’ or navigating to an appropriate subheading.
  3. Ensure your input stands out by weaving in personal stories and experiences, but remember to keep it within the 750-character limit
  • Interact and Contribute Regularly

If the comment field is not immediately visible, interact with existing answers in your selected category to activate the option to comment. Aim to contribute regularly over the next few weeks, focusing on the quality of your content. Remember, your comments should be insightful enough to garner likes from other users.

  • Badge Visibility

Once awarded, the Community Top Voice badge will appear on your profile and next to your contributions in collaborative articles. If you prefer to keep it private, you can adjust your profile settings to hide the badge.

It’s important to note that Community Top Voice badges are subject to LinkedIn’s discretion and high trust standards. They may be removed at any time, especially if there is a violation of LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies. To stay updated on any potential changes to the badge-earning process, regularly check LinkedIn’s blog and help section.

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Unlock The Power Of Linkedin Marketing With INSIDEA

Earning a LinkedIn Top Voice or Community Top Voice badge is a testament to your professional influence and expertise on the platform. It’s not just about posting content; it’s about making meaningful contributions that resonate with your audience and foster genuine discussions. By building a robust personal brand, engaging actively with your network, and sharing valuable insights, you can elevate your professional standing and open doors to new opportunities. Remember, the journey to becoming a Top Voice is about consistency, quality, and community engagement. So, keep sharing, keep connecting, and you could be the next LinkedIn Top Voice, recognized for driving impactful conversations in your industry.

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Disha Shukla

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique 'Human First, Seller Second' approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique ‘Human First, Seller Second’ approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.