LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For The Hospitality Industry

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For The Hospitality Industry

Are you in the hospitality industry and feel overlooked on social media platforms? You’re not alone. The hospitality industry is a significant and historic sector, employing a vast number of individuals and including a considerable number of hotel businesses

Yet, when it comes to marketing, many in this field tend to favor platforms like Facebook and Instagram, leaving LinkedIn—a platform with a strong B2B focus—largely untapped. 

In this blog, we’ll focus on LinkedIn marketing strategies for the hospitality industry. We aim to explore LinkedIn marketing for hotels, big or small, and show you how to harness its power to increase visibility, engage effectively with your audience, and boost your hotel’s online presence.


Benefits of LinkedIn for the Hospitality Industry 

Benefits of LinkedIn for the Hospitality Industry

In hospitality, the power of LinkedIn as a tool for professional growth, marketing, and networking is often underestimated. While it’s a platform renowned for business-to-business interactions, its potential extends far beyond that, providing unique opportunities for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourism-related businesses. Here, we delve into the benefits of integrating LinkedIn into your hospitality marketing and networking strategies.

1. Professional Networking and Information Exchange

  • LinkedIn Groups: These are goldmines for anyone looking to stay updated on industry trends, share knowledge, and connect with fellow professionals globally. From Hotel Technologies and Software to Hospitality Superstars, these groups serve as platforms to engage with peers, influencers, and potential mentors.
  • Global Connectivity: Being part of these groups not only enhances your professional network but also puts you in touch with a diverse range of individuals from various sectors within hospitality, widening your learning and networking scope.

2. Marketing and Visibility for Your Business

  • B2B Focus: LinkedIn’s core strength lies in its B2B capabilities, making it an ideal platform for connecting with industry trendsetters, other businesses, and professionals. Whether you’re looking to market your services or position your brand, LinkedIn provides a platform to do so.
  • Community Engagement: Joining and actively participating in relevant LinkedIn groups not only increases your brand’s visibility but also establishes your company as a thought leader within the hospitality industry.

3. Precision in Targeted Advertising

  • Strategies for Optimal ROI: With its array of targeting options, LinkedIn allows for precise advertisement placements, ensuring your content reaches the most relevant audience. Whether you’re looking to target specific job titles, industries, or professionals, LinkedIn’s advertising platform provides the tools needed for a positive return on investment.


4. Content Creation and Distribution

  • Direct Engagement: Creating and sharing content directly on LinkedIn, whether through articles, posts, or within groups, provides a direct line of engagement with your target audience. This not only boosts your brand’s presence but also positions it as a valuable source of information within the hospitality sector.
  • Educational and Promotional Balance: Striking the right balance between educational content and promotional material is key. With LinkedIn, there is room to showcase your services while contributing valuable insights and information to your network.


LinkedIn stands out as a multifaceted platform offering numerous benefits for those in the hospitality industry. From networking and brand visibility to targeted advertising and content distribution, it provides tools to elevate your brand, connect with the right people, and stay abreast of industry trends and insights.


Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

LinkedIn stands out as a powerful platform for professionals, providing an invaluable avenue for hotels to showcase their offerings, network, and build a brand presence. By implementing strategic practices on LinkedIn, hotels can effectively engage with their target audience, especially event planners and corporate clients. Here’s a detailed breakdown of effective strategies to maximize your hotel’s LinkedIn marketing efforts.

1. Setting Up an Effective Company Page

Ensure your hotel’s name on LinkedIn matches that on your other marketing channels and website to enhance findability. Tailor your hotel’s description to appeal to a corporate audience and event planners, highlighting unique selling points like meeting spaces and technological amenities. Use a clear logo as your profile image and choose professional photographs of your hotel for your cover image. Rotate images to showcase different aspects of your property. Below is  step by step breakdown of how you can create a LinkedIn company page: 

  • Incorporating essential details: Provide a link to your website or a specific landing page that caters to corporate clients or event planners, guiding them to the information they need promptly.  If your hotel is part of a larger chain, coordinate with brand representatives to determine the best approach for your LinkedIn presence, adhering to brand guidelines.
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile:  Use a professional headshot for personal profiles and a clear, branded logo for company pages. Ensure all contact details are provided, making it easy for potential clients to reach out.
  • Engaging content and networking: Share content related to your industry and hotel regularly to keep your audience engaged. Build your network by connecting with other professionals in the hospitality industry and actively participating in relevant discussions.
  • Encouraging employee participation: Encourage your employees to follow and engage with your hotel’s LinkedIn page, amplifying your reach.
  • Gather reviews and recommendations:  Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and recommendations, enhancing your hotel’s credibility.
  • Use relevant keywords:  Optimize your profile and company page with keywords that resonate with your target audience, improving your visibility in LinkedIn searches.
  • Keep your profile fresh: Continually update your profile and add new content throughout the year to maintain an active and up-to-date presence.


2. Transforming Your Profile into a Brand Asset

Utilize your LinkedIn profile to highlight your expertise and the unique benefits of choosing your property. This isn’t just a resume; it’s abranding tool. Integrate relevant keywords into your profile sections and focus on measurable achievements to attract a business audience. Use the experience section to display your expertise through articles, videos, and images, showing off successful events and creative hotel initiatives.


3. Creating and Sharing Engaging Content

Understand that LinkedIn’s professional audience often engages with content during work hours. Tailor your content to meet their interests, focusing on topics relevant to event planning and corporate stays. Utilize LinkedIn’stools. Make use of LinkedIn’s Pulse for long-form content, sharing insights, trend analyses, and event highlights. Share images and videos from past events and write case studies to provide valuable insights to event planners.


4. Growing Your Hotel’s Following

Focus on organic growth through regular engagement, content sharing, and keeping your company page updated. Encourage your network to follow the hotel’s page and consider using direct messages to make this request. Use LinkedIn’s advertising options to increase the visibility of your company page.


5. Utilizing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Target specific audiences. Create showcase pages to highlight different aspects of your hotel, catering to particular audience segments such as corporate clients or wedding planners. Use this less commonly utilized LinkedIn feature to differentiate your property and highlight unique services or facilities.


6. Engaging with LinkedIn Groups

Join relevant groups. Become a member of groups related to the hospitality industry, local business networks, and specific travel sectors. Engage with group members, participate in discussions, and share relevant content from your hotel’s page.  

Consider creating your own group. Establish your hotel as a thought leader by creating a group centered around trends or niche topics in hospitality.

By following these strategies, your hotel can effectively utilize LinkedIn not just as a networking tool but as a dynamic platform to showcase its value, connect with the right audience, and ultimately drive business success.


Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn Marketing With INSIDEA!

Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn Marketing With INSIDEA
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Disha Shukla

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique 'Human First, Seller Second' approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique ‘Human First, Seller Second’ approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.