LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Companies

_LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Companies

Have you ever wondered why LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for healthcare professionals seeking meaningful connections and industry insights? With a global network of 8.6 million healthcare practitioners, along with 600,000 institutional investors and 12 million CXOs on LinkedIn, this platform presents an invaluable opportunity for healthcare companies

LinkedIn is an essential tool for healthcare marketers looking to connect with their target audience. Whether it’s healthcare payers or providers you’re looking to reach, the platform’s extensive user base, coupled with its unique professional environment, makes it fertile ground for fostering connections and showcasing your brand’s value.

In this blog, we’ll explore the practical ways healthcare companies can craft a robust LinkedIn marketing strategy, capitalizing on the platform’s growing popularity among healthcare professionals. 

Why is LinkedIn Important for Healthcare Marketing?

Why is LinkedIn Important for Healthcare Marketing


The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant digital transformation, with professionals increasingly turning to online platforms for networking, learning, and brand interactions. LinkedIn has emerged as a pivotal platform in this shift, providing a space for healthcare professionals to connect, share knowledge, and discover new opportunities. This has opened the doors for healthcare companies to strategically utilize LinkedIn for marketing purposes, ensuring they are visible and engaged where their audience is active. Below are a few reasons why healthcare companies are choosing LinkedIn as their preferred platform and how they are using it for maximum impact.

  1. Digital Native Audience

Today’s healthcare professionals are adept at navigating digital spaces, expecting and appreciating online brand interactions. A notable 25% of them discover new brands through social media channels. By establishing a strong presence on LinkedIn, healthcare companies can meet these digital expectations, providing valuable content and interactions right where their audience is active.

  1. Increased Virtual Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered the landscape of professional interactions, with 97% of healthcare professionals desiring a continuation of virtual or a hybrid mix of meetings. LinkedIn offers a platform for these desired virtual engagements, ensuring that healthcare companies can maintain and build relationships even in a world with fewer in-person interactions.

  1. Emerging Marketing Strategies

Healthcare marketing on LinkedIn is witnessing the rise of strategies like influencer marketing, account marketing (ABM), full funnel marketing, and video marketing, all showing promising results in engagement and ROI. Adopting these strategies on LinkedIn allows healthcare companies to effectively reach and resonate with their target audience, building deeper relationships and driving conversions.

  1. Rich Professional Community

LinkedIn hosts a diverse range of healthcare professionals, from nurses and physicians to administrators and executives. This broad network fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. By engaging with this community, healthcare companies can position themselves as integral parts of the healthcare ecosystem, contributing to discussions, sharing expertise, and establishing thought leadership.

  1. Increasing Engagement

Healthcare professionals are actively networking, job searching, and participating in LinkedIn Live events, demonstrating a high level of engagement with the platform. This active participation provides numerous touchpoints for healthcare companies to connect with their audience, share content, and promote their brand, products, or services.

  1. Trusted Platform

LinkedIn’s commitment to providing a safe, productive, and professional environment has made it a trusted platform for healthcare professionals and companies. Using LinkedIn’s advertising solutions, healthcare companies can confidently reach and engage their target audience in a trusted space, ensuring their marketing messages are received positively.

In summary, LinkedIn stands out as a strategic platform for healthcare companies, providing a digital space where they can connect, engage, and convert their target audience with trust and efficiency.

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Companies

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Companies

For healthcare organizations aiming to make a significant impact on LinkedIn, adopting a strategic marketing approach is key. Below, we explore the specific LinkedIn marketing strategies healthcare companies can use for success.

  1. Define Your Audience Clearly
  • Start by identifying exactly who you want your ads to reach. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario; rather, it requires thoughtful consideration of who your ideal customer is.
  • Use LinkedIn’s data-rich environment to target your ads based on company industry, job title, and seniority level. For instance, if you sell medical devices, you might target hospital administrators at various seniority levels.
  1. Industry-Specific Targeting
  • Beyond general healthcare categories, LinkedIn allows you to target sub-verticals within the healthcare industry.
  • Choose from categories like biotechnology, medical practice, mental health care, and more to ensure the most relevant audience sees your ads.
  1. Job Title and Seniority Level Targeting
  • Identify and target the specific job titles and seniority levels of the decision-makers you want to reach.
  • Conduct tests within the LinkedIn Ads platform to discover available title options and combine job title targeting with other forms like company size or industry to refine your audience.
  1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • ABM is a focused approach targeting specific companies or accounts rather than a broad audience.
  • Create a list of target companies and use LinkedIn to target employees at these companies, applying additional filters like job title or seniority to reach the right department and decision-makers.
  1. Leverage Custom Audiences
  • Custom audiences allow you to upload a list of contacts and target your ads directly to these individuals on LinkedIn.
  • Use this feature to re-engage cold leads, target trade show attendees, or focus on any other specific group of prospects that you have pre-qualified.
  1. Remarketing to Engage Previous Visitors
  • LinkedIn’s matched audiences feature enables you to target users who have previously interacted with your brand or website.
  • Use remarketing to target users who visited specific pages on your site but didn’t convert or to promote additional content like webinars to users who have already engaged with your whitepapers.
  1. Target Specific Industries
  • Focus your advertising efforts on medical practice to reach independent physicians and use job title targeting to connect with doctors in specific fields.
  • LinkedIn may not have specific job titles for all physician specialties, look for broader categories such as neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons to encompass your target audience.
  1. Utilize Group Memberships
  • Utilize LinkedIn groups to target specialties not listed in job titles.
  • Identify and target members of relevant LinkedIn groups, such as the North American Spine Society for Spine Surgeons.
  1. Implement a Lead Scoring System
  • Lead scoring helps identify which contacts are ready to be approached, optimizing your sales team’s efforts. 
  • Assign points based on interactions like demo requests, case study downloads, and website visits. Use negative points for less favorable actions or demographics, and set a threshold score to indicate sales-readiness.
  1. Provide Value Before Selling
  • Adopt a value-first approach, similar to interactions at a trade show, providing useful content and establishing connections before pitching your product.
  • Share valuable and relevant content like webinars, ensuring it is concise, accessible, and actionable. 
  • Ensure your offering is compelling enough for healthcare professionals to share their contact information.

Content Sharing Tips

  • The content you share on LinkedIn should be brief, easily digestible, and applicable. 
  • Keep your content short, provide options for viewing or reading later, and ensure that it offers immediate value to healthcare professionals’ work.

By applying these strategies, healthcare companies can effectively engage with doctors and healthcare professionals on LinkedIn, fostering connections and generating leads thoughtfully and strategically. Remember, successful LinkedIn marketing requires time and refinement, so be prepared to invest in building your audience and optimizing your campaigns for the best results.

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Unlock The Power Of Linkedin Marketing With INSIDEA

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Disha Shukla

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique 'Human First, Seller Second' approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.

Disha Shukla, the Chief Customer Officer at INSIDEA, specializes in transforming LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation tool for businesses. With over eight years of experience in social media, Disha combines design thinking with a unique ‘Human First, Seller Second’ approach to create sustainable, effective strategies. She focuses on crafting personalized LinkedIn pages and comprehensive social media marketing funnels, ensuring her clients not only stand out from the competition but also achieve their marketing goals with efficiency and ease.