In-house Vs. Outsourced Social Media Management – Which Is Better?

In-house Vs. Outsourced Social Media Management – Which Is Better?

When managing a brand’s social media presence, organizations are often faced with a difficult decision on whether to manage their social media internally or outsource. This blog post will explore the differences between in-house and outsourced social media management and the associated implications. We will compare both types of services on various essential aspects so you can decide which is the most suitable option for managing your brand. 

What is In-house social media management?

In-house social media manager manages a company’s presence and engagement on various social media platforms. It is a critical component of any effective online marketing strategy, as it helps build brand awareness, generate leads, and foster customer relationships.

In-house social media management includes creating and curating content, responding to comments, running ads, and generating reports on metrics such as follower growth and engagement. Businesses need to have a presence on social media, as it allows them to reach a much larger audience and establish trust with potential customers.

To ensure success, businesses should create an effective social media management plan that outlines objectives, content strategy, budget, and reporting.

What is outsourcing social media management?

Outsourcing social media management is leveraging the expertise of an external agency or individual to manage a company’s social media presence. This enables a company to keep its social media presence up-to-date and optimized for maximum visibility, engagement, and return on investment.

The most successful social media management is a collaborative effort between the company and the agency or individual. First, the company defines the goals and objectives for its social media presence. Then, the agency or individual develops a strategy to meet those goals, including creating content tailored to the company’s target audiences, scheduling posts and responding to comments and inquiries promptly and professionally.

We will now compare both types of services based on different aspects.

Area of expertise

Outsourced social media management services offer several advantages over in-house services in terms of “expertise.”  Firstly, outsourced services provide access to a larger pool of expertise than what is available in-house. The experts hired by outsourced services have more experience and knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the social media management field. This makes them more adept at creating strategies and campaigns that drive maximum engagement and reach.

In contrast, in-house social media marketing services lag in providing expertise as in- house experts may have a broader range of responsibilities and may not have the same level of focus on a particular skill set. Businesses that try to cut human resources costs often don’t get the desired results as it lags in expertise in one domain.

Another factor could be that outsourced service providers are often brought in for specific projects or tasks, whereas in-house experts may focus on ongoing operational tasks. This can create a perception that outsourced providers are more efficient or effective because they focus on one particular task.

Control over the process

In-house and outsourced social media management services have distinct advantages and disadvantages regarding controlling the process. 

In-house social media management services allow for greater control and oversight of the activity on social media platforms and the ability to customize campaigns and platforms to suit the brand better. This level of control also means that in-house staff can better monitor and respond to customer inquiries and complaints in a timely fashion. Additionally, in-house services allow for greater flexibility in budget and resource allocation and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the social media landscape. 

On the other hand, outsourcing companies work with their pre-defined sets of processes/SOP, which could be a little tricky for small businesses to understand and adhere to different processes. That’s where INSIDEA’s experts not only assures you with every set of processes, but with regular insights, you can get real-time project updates.

Flexibility in resources

When it comes to flexibility, outsourced social media marketing services provide more flexibility, allowing businesses access to a broader range of expertise and resources, which can be beneficial in some cases. 

Outsourced services are also more flexible in adapting quickly to market and customer behavior changes, allowing businesses to be more responsive to their customers. This helps businesses to stay one step ahead and increase their brand loyalty. Furthermore, outsourcing allows businesses to quickly scale up or down, depending on their specific needs, without investing in costly infrastructure and resources.

On the other hand, In-house-staff recruiting and training process requires much human effort and implementation. And if the candidate is underperforming, companies have to redo the whole process, which directly impacts the company’s revenue and time.

Efficiency in work

In-house social media management services allow companies to control their social media accounts and campaigns and tailor their content to their audience. Additionally, in-house social media management keeps the team more connected to the company’s brand, allowing for more effective collaboration and communication with the team. Thereby, company leaders can clearly track the different implementation processes.

On the other hand, outsourcing services require additional checks and regular updates to track the efficiency of the processes. Outsourcing professionals are industry experts trained in a specific niche, allowing them to solve complex problems. Though there might be a delay in the tracking process, outsourcing agencies provide more optimal results as they have to retain the revenue for their company.

ROI (Return on investment)

When considering whether to outsource or manage social media in-house, it’s essential to understand the return on investment (ROI) that each option can offer. In addition, outsourcing social media management services can provide several advantages over in-house services.

First, outsourcing social media services can help to reduce costs. Outsourced services are often more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team, as outsourcing does not require the exact overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and managing staff. Furthermore, an outsourced service can provide access to a broader range of expertise, allowing for more effective and efficient management of social media activities.

Second, outsourced social media management services can increase ROI by maximizing the impact of each post. An experienced agency can help create more effective campaigns, develop better to content strategies, and closely monitor performance. This can result in better engagement and higher conversion rates, leading to a more significant ROI than in-house staff.

Outsourcing social media services can also help to free up time for other essential tasks. An experienced outsourcing company can help manage all aspects of social media, allowing in-house staff to focus on other activities essential to the business’s success.

In conclusion, when deciding between in-house and outsourced social media management, it is essential to consider each option’s expertise, control, flexibility, and ROI. Outsourcing services offer excellent expertise, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, while in-house services provide more control and oversight.

Depending on the specific needs and objectives of the business, either option can be a beneficial choice. Still, there is a slight shift that new startups and businesses are delegating their marketing processes due to cost-effectiveness and less management. Therefore, business owners should also know critical social media KPIs to track and evaluate their marketing processes. 

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