How to Increase LinkedIn Followers in 2024: 10 Effective Strategies

How to increase linkedin followers

Do you know that LinkedIn has evolved beyond just a platform for job hunting and connecting with businesses? 

Today, it is a content powerhouse, making professionals more productive and successful. With its content receiving 15 times more impressions than job postings and a vast community of over 950 million members, LinkedIn holds immense potential for branding and networking. 

However, to tap into this vast ocean of opportunities, growing your follower base is essential. In this blog, we’ll uncover effective strategies to organically increase followers on your LinkedIn company page and discover how to amplify your presence.

Effective Strategies to Increase Your Followers on LinkedIn

10 Effective strategies to increase LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn is where professional connections and deals are made. Your company’s LinkedIn page should serve as the focal point of your company’s online business presence. It’s a great place to build your network, get your name out there, and establish yourself as an industry expert.

However, none of this will happen unless people visit your page.  To expand your LinkedIn network organically, you need to attract followers. The more people who like your page and engage with its posts, the more likes and followers your page will receive.  You are not alone if you have wondered how to gain more LinkedIn connections.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of things you can do to increase the number of people who follow your LinkedIn company page.

1. Organic Growth Strategies on LinkedIn

To gain more followers on LinkedIn, you need to go beyond just one strategy. Organic growth, which means attracting followers naturally, is crucial for lasting success on the platform. Let’s explore some straightforward techniques to grow your LinkedIn followers without any tricks or shortcuts.

i) Profile Optimization

  • Your profile acts as the first impression for potential followers. A complete, well-structured profile can instantly build credibility.
  • To optimize your profile, you need to use a professional photo to ensure recognition. Craft a compelling headline that succinctly communicates your value or role. Detail your work experience clearly, showcasing your journey and expertise. Implement relevant keywords in your summary and experience sections to enhance search visibility.

ii) Sharing valuable content 

  • LinkedIn values quality content. Sharing insightful pieces helps establish your thought leadership and keep your network engaged.
  • Post regularly, ensuring content is relevant and valuable to your audience. Share industry news, your professional insights, engaging discussions, and more.Prioritize content quality over the frequency of posts.

iii) Increase your Engagement 

  • Being active and engaging with other users amplifies your reach and strengthens your presence on the platform.
  • Comment thoughtfully on posts that resonate with you. Share content from others in your network. Send personalized messages to foster deeper connections.

iv) Leverage External Networks

  • Expanding your reach beyond LinkedIn can drive a diverse audience to your profile. Promote your LinkedIn on other social media channels. 
  • Include a LinkedIn icon/link on your website. Add your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature. Consider adding a QR code or a simple URL to your LinkedIn business card.


2. Understanding LinkedIn’s Algorithm for Effective Follower Growth

LinkedIn’s algorithm, like many other social media platforms, aims to filter out spam and low-quality content. If your content passes this initial screening, it gets shown to a small group of real users. Based on their interactions, the algorithm decides whether to show it to more people. It continuously assesses how many should see it.

To boost your LinkedIn followers, it’s crucial to know how the platform’s algorithm works. These strategies will help you grow your followers organically. Let’s break them down in simple terms:

i) Relevance Over Quantity

  1. LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes content relevance over sheer volume. The goal is to present users with content tailored to their preferences, ensuring meaningful interactions.
  2. Research and understand your audience’s interests. Tailor your content to match the needs and preferences of your potential followers.

ii) Significance of Engagement

Posts that receive higher engagement (likes, comments, and shares) have a better chance of being shown to a broader audience.  Create content that encourages conversations and interactions. Promptly respond to comments to foster engagement.

iii) Consistency is Key

The algorithm favors regular and pertinent contributions. Maintain a consistent posting schedule. Use analytics to determine optimal posting times for maximum engagement.

iv) Beware of empty Followers

Having many passive or non-interacting followers can hurt your post visibility.  Focus on gaining followers who are genuinely interested in your content rather than seeking mere numbers. Discourage practices like buying followers, as they can dilute genuine engagement

v) Engagement Interpretation

  • Low engagement doesn’t always indicate poor content. It might also suggest a misalignment between your content and your followers’ interests.
  • Regularly analyze the type of content that gets the most engagement.  Refine your content strategy based on feedback and engagement patterns.

vi) Stay Updated

  • The algorithm undergoes frequent changes, and staying updated ensures you align your strategy accordingly. 
  • Keep an eye on LinkedIn’s official updates and adjust your strategies as needed.  Participate in LinkedIn-focused forums or groups to stay informed.

3. Enhancing Visibility with Effective Hashtag Use on LinkedIn

Optimizing hashtag usage on LinkedIn can significantly boost your content’s reach and engagement. To effectively harness the power of hashtags, you need a well-rounded strategy.  A well-researched and balanced hashtag strategy can significantly boost your content’s visibility on LinkedIn. It’s about finding that spot between relevance and reach to ensure your posts get the attention they deserve. By following these strategies, you can ensure your posts reach the right audience and maximize their impact.

i) Organic Reach and Hashtag Relevance

  • LinkedIn’s organic reach outshines many platforms. Using appropriate hashtags magnifies this by directing your content to a targeted audience.
  • Incorporate hashtags relevant to your content and industry.  Understand that while posts without hashtags cater primarily to your direct connections, using the right hashtags can reach users outside your immediate network.

ii) LinkedIn’s Hashtag Initiative

  • LinkedIn actively promotes hashtags, aligning with its goal to be a competitive content platform. Utilize LinkedIn’s built-in post-builder, which suggests relevant hashtags for your content.
  • Stay updated on LinkedIn’s features and recommendations for content strategies.

iii) Balancing Popularity with Niche Hashtags

  • Using overly popular hashtags can drown your content in a sea of posts, while extremely niche hashtags might have limited reach.  For smaller company pages, avoid relying solely on trending hashtags.
  • Conduct research to find mid-range hashtags that are both relevant and have a decent following.

iv) Avoiding Low-Followers Hashtags

  • Some hashtags, despite being relevant, might have negligible followers, rendering them ineffective for reach.  Regularly audit your hashtag strategy by checking the follower count for each hashtag. Avoid hashtags with minimal engagement or following.

v) Hashtag Homework

  • Dedicated research ensures you leverage the best hashtags for visibility and engagement. Compile a list of potential hashtags that resonate with your content and brand each hashtag’s effectiveness by checking its popularity and follower count.
  • Use LinkedIn’s hashtag search feature, e.g., “[enter hashtag]” to evaluate individual hashtag performance.

4. Boosting LinkedIn Follower Growth with Groups

LinkedIn Groups serve as collaborative platforms where professionals connect, discuss, and share industry-specific insights. LinkedIn groups offer a rich ecosystem for professionals to converge and converse.  You need to identify and join groups that resonate with your profession or area of interest. This sets the stage for networking with potential followers. Here are a few strategies to increase follower engagement using LinkedIn groups:

i) Strategically Choose Your Groups

  • Joining the right groups enhances your chances of engaging with a relevant audience and potential followers. 
  • Research and select groups that align with your professional domain. Assess group metrics like size, engagement rate, and topic relevance to ensure you’re in a space that matches your goals.

ii) Active Engagement is Key

An active presence in groups positions you as an authority and attracts followers who recognize your value.  Contribute meaningfully to discussions.  Offer expert insights, share experiences, and ask probing questions that stimulate conversation.

iii) Disseminate Relevant Content

  • Sharing beneficial content enhances your visibility and underscores your expertise.  Periodically share articles, studies, or posts that align with the group’s interests.
  • Ensure that your shared content is enriching, prompting further discussion and engagement.

iv) Personal Networking Initiatives

  • Building one-on-one group relationships can extend your influence and follower count.  Engage individually with group members, recognizing their contributions and sharing your own.  
  • Send personalized connection requests with a brief note highlighting common interests or discussions.

5. Grow Your LinkedIn Followers Using Key LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator offer tools to hone in on and engage with a tailored audience. By understanding the nuances of these tools, you can better position yourself to grow your followers organically and effectively on LinkedIn.  Here is how you can increase your following on LinkedIn using these features:

i) Growing Followers with LinkedIn Premium 

  • LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based service that offers advanced LinkedIn features.It has advanced search filters, which help pinpoint professionals within specific niches. 
  • You can track your profile views and discover who’s been checking you out.By using InMail Credit, you can directly communicate with LinkedIn members outside your network.

ii) Optimizing LinkedIn Premium for Growth

  • Use advanced filters to connect with professionals matching your target audience, increasing potential followers.
  • When someone views your profile, they’ve shown interest. Consider reaching out with a personalized message or connection request.

iii) Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • The main purpose of Sales Navigator is that it is specially designed for sales professionals and provides enhanced networking and sales tools.
  • It has advanced search capabilities to let you know about your target audience segmentation. Lead recommendations help to get suggestions for potential followers or clients.
  • With personalized insights, you can stay informed about potential leads or followers with timely data.

​iv) Leveraging Sales Navigator for Enhanced Reach

  • Use the platform’s detailed search functions to more effectively locate and connect with potential followers. 
  • By understanding what your audience cares about, you can tailor your approach and content, increasing the likelihood of them following you.

6. Content Strategies to Boost Your LinkedIn Followers

To grow your followers, consistently deliver high-quality content. Whether it’s a blog, LinkedIn, or another platform, regular and valuable posts will keep your audience engaged and anticipating your next update. Here are a few of them to help you grow your audience:

  • Consistently Post Quality Content

A steady content flow captivates and retains an audience. Start by posting daily or every other day for initial momentum. Once established, maintain consistency with a few posts weekly. Prioritize content quality over quantity.

  • Diversify Your Content Types

Different content formats cater to varied audience preferences. Mix brand-specific content with relevant shares from other sources. Posts with larger images and integrated video content—it’s 20 times more likely to be shared on LinkedIn.

  • Publish Long-form Content on Personal LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn promotes longer content, giving it a wider reach. Create in-depth articles from your account, linking back to your company. Use relevant hashtags and encourage colleagues to interact with the content. The active audience you reach is more likely to follow your company page.

  • Facilitate Content Sharing to LinkedIn from Your Website

Easily shareable content increases visibility.  Integrate a LinkedIn share button on your web pages.  Ensure the sharing process is user-friendly and intuitive.

7. Mention Companies and Influencers

Influential mentions can increase your content’s reach.  Identify respected influencers and non-competing companies in your industry.  Mention them judiciously in updates to expand visibility.  Avoid overdoing it to prevent coming off as insincere or spammy.

8. Engage Your Employees

Employees play a crucial role in promoting brand content.  Recognize that employees are natural brand ambassadors—often responsible for 30% of a company’s LinkedIn engagement.  Encourage sharing, commenting, and interacting with company content.  Motivate participation with contests or rewards for top contributors. 

9. Launch a LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

Targeted advertising can bring substantial, relevant traffic to your LinkedIn page. To utilize ad campaigns, leverage LinkedIn’s follower ad format tailored for increasing followers. These ads can boost both brand awareness and potential sales opportunities. Capitalize on LinkedIn’s 200+ targeting capabilities for precise outreach.

10. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page for SEO

LinkedIn profiles can appear in Google search results, making them an SEO asset.  Strategically integrate keywords related to your business into your company profile and page.  Prioritize placements in the tagline and the About section.  Ensure profile completion for enhanced visibility; a full, active profile garners more views, impressions, and clicks.

Implementing these strategies will optimize your LinkedIn presence and provide a structured approach to systematically increasing your follower count.

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